Sugar Addict

I have a heroin-level addiction to sugar. I am like a junkie, but instead of sticking a needle in my arm, I stuff sugar down my gullet as quickly as I can. And it's not just the foods you would think of—candy, pastries, desserts—although I eat plenty of those, too. It's bread, milk and other starchy, carb-y foods that cause a quick sugar spike in my bloodstream. It's those foods that cause me to continue eating even though I know I'm full. Then afterwards, the withdrawal symptoms start. I … [Read More...]

yoga mat

Returning To My Mat. Again.

  The number one rule of teaching yoga is to make sure you keep up your own practice. Something I haven't really done lately. Between settling into my new job, maintaining freelance work, traveling for work, fighting a bout of bronchitis and … [Read More...]


Socially Unsocial

My new job is amazing. I'm the online editor for two websites (unofficially, I work for three and possibly more). This means I repurpose content from the print issues, assign new content, edit it, post it, research images for each post, work with … [Read More...]


Going Old-School, Baby!

I found this through Jodi. I love these old-school memes. They've always been a fun way to learn something about the bloggers we read. (And, yes, it's a good way to post when you want to write but don't have ideas!) What is the last thing you … [Read More...]


Starting Again (Yes, Really)

I can't believe I haven't so much as logged in here in two months. I've actually missed writing here quite a bit, but I've been settling in to my new job and by the end of the day, I just haven't had the energy to even open my laptop. However, I'm … [Read More...]


I Got A Job! I Got A Job!

Hey! Guess what? I got a new job! I've been interviewing for a position at a magazine for months, and about a week and a half ago I was told that I didn't get it. I'm not going to lie — I was disappointed. But I thanked the editor for her time and … [Read More...]


Don’t Be So Touchy

I didn't grow up in a touchy feely home. I don't remember us being big huggers or anything. Not that it was a cold house—we just weren't an overly … [Read More...]


Meditate in May

I think we've established that I'm not always the most calm person on the planet. I'm your typical Type A (“A” is for “asshole”) person, who strives … [Read More...]

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