A Serious Question

I’m thinking about changing my blog name/url. The Daily Snark doesn’t necessarily apply anymore—I’m certainly not writing daily, and I may have lost some of my snark (blame it on the yoga).

I think I need a new start around here. Nothing drastic—I’m still me after all, but I want a clean slate and a new name that reflects who I am and what I’m writing about. The Daily Snark feels a little limiting to me and I’d like to write about a broader range of topics.

But the mere thought of that kind of change scares me. I’m afraid I’m going to lose the few readers I still have since I haven’t been writing as much as I should/want (bad blogger!).

I already bought the new url (can’t tell you what it is yet), but I can’t quite pull the trigger on it. I don’t want to totally start from scratch—I’d copy all my archives over to the new site—but after four years with The Daily Snark as my home, it’s a daunting task. And I’m feeling sentimental about it.

Has anyone done this before? How did it go? Was it freeing? Or was it a disaster? Would you recommend it? Or should I just stick with this spot as my home?

Curious minds want to know.




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    I haven’t but know plenty of people that have. If the uRL doesn’t fit the blog, better to change to url to meet the writer than the writer to match the url… Jump in.

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    I did it once. Seems like a zillion years ago. Of course when I did it, I also stopped blogging for 18 months. I think as long as you give people enough time to click on the new one before you delete here, you’ll be good.

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      I move at the pace of molasses, so I will definitely give people enough time! I’m glad you’re blogging every day now! You’re my inspiration!

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    You’ve been talking about this for awhile, Mo, so, yeah, pull that trigger, jump that gun, take that leap, hitch that ride. . . make that move. And anything that happens, well, you’ll deal with it, just as you always do. (And good luck gettin’ rid of me: I’m a barnacle, babe.)

    Corey’s right: better to change the site to fit you than the other way around.

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      I think I pose this question at least once a year, if not every six months. At least I’m consistently indecisive!

      Glad you’re alive and well! Did you and the kitties get through the storm okay?

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    After 911, and joining a Unitarian church, I asked my editor to change my byline from Eve of Destruction to Another Face of Eve. No way to know if I lost readers, but even as my attitude changed, my snarkiness remained intact. No fear Mo, your talents as a writer will follow you, as will I.

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    A lot of blogging software will allow you to tranfer posts from one url to another even if you are switching to a whole other blogging platform. Or you could just have the old url point to the new url, too, then both urls would be taking you to the same place.

    You can do it!

    Yes you can!

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