Reading, Writing…Blogging (aka, Let Me See How Many Times I Can Say The Word “Blog” In One Post)

I haven’t been blogging a lot lately—I think I’m averaging a post a week. I’m clearly in a blogging slump, unsure of what’s working and what’s not (I think I’m giving up on writing The Real Housewives of New Jersey recaps. This season is B-O-R-I-N-G).

While I wait for inspiration to strike, I’ve been reading a lot of blogs.

I keep a blogroll page, and I read through it pretty religiously. They’re mostly personal blogs, and I started reading a lot of them before I started my own blog. My blogroll definitely needs to be reorganized and updated, but I keep it because I still like those blogs and I also believe in paying it forward. I want people to read these other awesome blogs that I love.

However, I finally got on board with using Google Reader. I set it up a couple of years ago but never really utilized it until a few months ago when I realized I needed to organize the gagillion different blogs I’ve started to read. One day, I completely fell down the rabbit hole and didn’t emerge until hours later. I started looking at everyone else’s blogrolls (and then clicked through THEIR links) and discovered a lot of gems. (Holy crap, there are a lot of talented people out there!) I also discovered entirely new genres of blogs that I became instantly addicted to. I have a new group of personal blogs I check out, but I’m fanatic about blogs on marketing and advertising, blogs about home design (can someone tell me why they’re all on Blogger, by the way?), cocktail blogs, food blogs, travel and my new favorite category: Blogging About Blogging.

I’ve been obsessively reading ProBlogger, For Bloggers By Bloggers, momcomm, The SITS Girls and a bunch of others. I love these sites because they’re the perfect procrastination tools. If I can’t blog, I’m going to READ about blogging. It’s the same thing, right? These sites are full of great advice on everything from writing your About page, to social media tips, and I love the website critiques—they’re like an online version of “What Not To Wear.” (I’m also thinking I should submit mine.) I am also a huge fan (HUGE!) of the eBooks on these blogs! I bought ProBlogger’s 31 Days to Build A Better Blog and I’ve been reading through that. I’ve downloaded books called “From Blog To Business,” “Bloggers Block E-Book” and few others. I can’t get enough of these things for some reason.

One of these days I should actually put into practice some of the stuff I’ve learned—you know, like blogging regularly.

Have you discovered any new blogs lately? Share, please!





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    I have a Google Reader account that I don’t use much because I like to try to visit the actual blogs. But I think about using it more frequently if for not other reason than to make better use of my time.

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    Love the post, and that you are blogging more frequently Mo! And the layout, well, it looks like a magazine page, natch! See you over some wHine soon I hope friend!

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      I think I was in the middle of tinkering when you stopped by! Apparently, I can’t leave the design alone!

      My problem is I have lots to blog about, I just don’t have (aka: make) the time to do so.

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    You know what a big proponent I am of you “QUITTING YOUR DAY JOB” and publishing. (I’m drinking a DDC martini right now, feeling snarky, if you’re free for dinner e-mail me. And yes, with our male counterparts.)

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      Don’t even get me started on the Day Job thing! I’m glad that’s worked out for you, though. We have the granddaughters for a few days so we’re wrapped up with them. We tried going out the other night but that didn’t work out so well, so we’re home.

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