Wednesday Links: The Self-Awareness Edition

I know, today is Thursday, but it feels like a Wednesday, so let’s pretend I actually posted this yesterday, mkay?


I’ve been revisiting my un–New Year’s Resolutions post to see where I’m at so far this year. As usual, I talked a good game, but I don’t know that I’ve really accomplished the things I set out to do. I’ve created this narrative of myself and in a lot of ways, I’m stuck in that. Thankfully, as often happens in life, things present themselves when you’re ready for them. This post on Tiny Buddha, Letting Go Of Your Past to Create A New Feature, was just what I needed to read this week to stop dwelling on decisions that have already been made and dealt with and just get on with life.


Then I came across this article on Intuitive Bridge about money patterns and what they say about you. “Often, a person has one money pattern when they feel high about money and another when they feel low.” Uh, yup. Guilty as charged. I’m trying to break both habits and develop new ones.


As I continue to take stock of where I am in life, this article, The Midlife On-Ramp by Stacy Morrison really resonates with me. This line in particular sums it up for me: “I continue to believe life is magical, mysterious, confounding, fair and unfair in equal measure, unknowable, but above all, worthy.


And two great articles I wish I wrote:

To My Daughter and Girls Everywhere by Liz at Six Year Itch

How We Can All Learn From Rush’s Mistake by Katie at Overflowing Brain


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    I like this post, you have given very useful links. ‘Letting Go Of Your Past to Create A New Feature’ is also great post which you have mentioned in your post. Thanks for a nice post!

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